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Home > Zombie Games - Zombie hunting? Umm…Target Practice!

Zombie Games - Zombie hunting? Umm…Target Practice!

Top 10 Zombie Games
  6. Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare
  7. Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies
  8. Stubs the zombie-Rebel without a pulse
  9. Day Z
10. Last of us

Ok, you are probably asking yourself why or what does zombie games have any business on a hunting game website? Umm…target practice! That’s right. What could be better targets and target practice than dispatching a truck load or two of undead creepie zombies.


Most of the games in this genre are the traditional survival games (games from which the zombies are chasing you) rather than you hunting the zombies. Zombie video games are a great escape and a very popular category for hunting gamers. Take a walk down the dark side and check out the games that make up our top ten list.


#1 Left 4 Dead is ranked high with replay value with us that epitomizes the survival game genre. This game story line is 4 survivors of a zombie pandemic of infected zombies. Left 4 Dead 2 came out a year later from the original and both games are tops to multi-player play. Both games are highly collected by serious players and is on or near the top of most any zombie game list!





#2 Resident Evil- Put the shoot down on the T-virus carrying zombies! This game franchise is beyond big and multiple movies have sprung up from this popular game. In 2005 over 61 million Resident evil games had been sold. These games have become a phenomena in their own right and see for yourself why these games are one of the best in their class.




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#3 The Walking Dead video game is a third person interactive drama adventure game. 5 episodes released in 2012 allow the player to make decisions and movements that direct the game down unpredictable paths. Zombies called walkers keep getting in the way of the small groups of survivors navigate through this apocalyptic world trying to survive! See for yourself why the critics make this a top list game that you must play to appreciate!



#4 Dead Rising- High undead body counts and undead shooting game define this zombie game. Dead Rising came out in three installments with zombie outbreaks and different locations. This survival game has quality kills and steady action that will bring you back again to get your zombie kill game on!
#5 Dead Island- This game gets the formula right! Resort tropical Island resort, lots of undead uglies, small crew of survivors and an unpredictable path that you have to negotiate to stay alive! These three games Dead Island, Dead Island Riptide, and Escape: Dead Island give players fast action! Find more here, you won’t be disappointed!

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