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Home > Mark your distances and your targets- Top 10 Sniper Games

Mark your distances and your targets- Top 10 Sniper Games

Top 10 Sniper Games
  4. Halo
  7. Call of Duty
  8. Far cry 3
  9. Counter strike
10. Ghost Recon

From the time when the first gun was invented, people have been fascinated with marksmanship. Long shot US snipers go all the way back to the civil war. Today’s snipers train with rifles like the bolt action M40 7.62x 51 mm or the .50 caliber Barrett which can and does effectively reach out to targets to 1.5 miles! Both of these rifles are wickedly effective in the trained hands of this highly trained soldier.


Sniper video games model themselves after these highly trained warriors that have achieved a mastery of specialized well practiced skill sets. Check out this video clip from the “Enemy at the Gates” (our all-time favorite sniper movie) where a young Vassili Zaitsev and his grandfather eat snow to cool there breathe as not to give their position to the wolf they are hunting. Way cool!



Like all game categories there are some sniper games that are better than others. The good sniper games use stealth and skill to take out targets. Unique challenges and skill set development are some of the hallmark characteristics to this game genre. Some of the games listed here border or branch away from the purist form of Sniper games, but all listed have received high marks from reviewers. Hunting the enemy that shoots back puts a different spin on hunting! 

 #1 Sniper Elite- This game is one of three in the franchise that takes place in WWII. Your character Karl is a Sniper, German speaking American, West point graduate operative that is sent on missions in an effort in keeping Nazi weapons secrets from falling into the wrong hands. Sniper Elite V2 and Sniper Elite III round out this collection of third person tactical shooter sniper games. These games get our nod for the top billing on our Sniper Games list!

#2 Hitman Absolution- Black suit, red tie, and short on vocabulary, and one really shot haircut….Hitman agent 47 is the real deal. Find all the Hitman sniper games and details here. A DNA clone genetically engineered killer designed to hunt down bad guys. These games are stealth action third person shooter games that have great replay value and you will find your-self addicted in short order. 
Assassin’s creed #3- this game franchise is off the charts with the number of game in this collection of games. First hitting the gaming world in 2007 there has been no less than 22 assassin creed games released! These games are third person games stealth games that take place in varying points through-out history. These games have one of the largest following of gamers within the genre and playing once you will get the taste to what all the excitement is about!
#4 Halo: Combat Evolved and the Halo series of games brings gaming snipers to a whole new futuristic level. Meet Master Sargent the solider of the future. His charge is to seek out the secrets on the Halo world and kick ass and take names on the covenant enemy. Over the years, newer installments of this theme games included expanded story lines, intricate plots, but the premise of these games remains the same….combat, shooting, and taking out the enemy where you find him. Halo is a win-win and worth checking out!
#5 Operation Flashpoint are a series of three tactical shooter games. These games focus on realism and military missions that have a real look and feel. Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, Operation Flash Point: Dragon Rising, and Operation Flashpoint: Red River round out this trilogy of games. 

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#6 Delta Force-The Delta Force franchise of games is a full action tactical shooter game that places the player into special ops on missions both inside and outside of the U.S. Getting dropped into a hot zone, take care of business, meet your objectives and rendezvous at the extraction point is par for the course in these games. These games keep getting better and have stood the test of time and once played, you will want to own them all!





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