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Home > Big Lizard Hunting at its Best! Dinosaur Hunting Games

Big Lizard Hunting at its Best! Dinosaur Hunting Games

Boo-yah! How cool is that! Can you imagine? Hey, check out my Allosaurus European mount in my trophy room! Ever since I first saw the first Jurassic Park and watched the animal guide British dude Muldoon hunt the Raptor in the movie, I was hooked on the idea of hunting dinosaurs!



Top 4 Dinosaur hunting games

The top two Dinosaur games that I know of that have great reviews are worth looking at. First is the Carnivores hunting series of games and the other is Toruk: The Dinosaur hunter. Both video games give you the opportunity to harvest big reptilian critters!


#1 The Carnivores- video games take place in the future on a planet where Dinosaurs roam. Dinohunt Corporation outfits off world Dinosaur hunts for clients that have the cash and the cahonies for tagging and bagging the ultimate in big game trophy animals. 




>>>learn more about Carnivores Dinosaur game collections and view pricing>>>


#2 Toruk: Dinosaur Hunter- is based loosely on the comic hero of the same name. In it the Toruk (an American Indian) is a warrior, hunter, and protector of the border lands between earth and the mysterious lost lands where there is an evil overlord and lots of other bad guys you have to fight; but no worries, there are plenty of dinosaurs that keep getting in your way that you must dispatch. Anyway, there is lots of big lizard hunting action in these games too!




>>>learn more about Toruk: Dinosaur hunter game collections and view pricing>>> 

These next two games on our list are more the survival game variety. Meaning that the games place you into environments where the dinosaurs are hunting you. Kind of a different spin on the hunter being hunted but both are great dinosaurs hunting games and very entertaining. Besides, you get to dispatch a lot of unruly Saurs!

#3 Jurassic the Hunted- is set on a mysterious island where a rift in time occurs secondary to some experiments that have gone upside down. Your character mission in the game is to go in and find out what happened and look to save the survivors of the research station and the team member that went in to get what was left out. See for yourself why we list this in our top list of hunting dinosaurs games. 
#4 Dino Crisis 2- is another survival game set on a different island with another issue of the dinosaur variety that needs to be addressed. Another team of commandos are sent in to take care of business. This is a must have dino hunt game for your collection. 





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