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Home > We love big Deer Racks! And Quality Deer hunting games too!

We love big Deer Racks! And Quality Deer hunting games too!

Top 10 Deer hunting games
Like many hunters, I cut my big game hunting teeth on deer. Hunting deer I learned my outdoor skills, tactics, and strategy. Deer hunting games allowed me to extend my hunting interest in the off season. This section of the our site is designed to assist finding the best deer hunting games in the deer hunt category.

We scoured the internet in an effort to index and list only the top deer hunting games. Only after a game is run through our rigorous review process does a game make our top game list. We rank our games but we believe all of these deer games on this list are worth owning. Moreover, we look to reference at least two external sources that have also published their own review to the deer hunting game we score.

Many games can and sometimes do show up on several of our other category lists. Meaning that a deer hunter game may have elk and or other big game hunts on the same game and may show up on those lists as well, or not at all. Preferences vary and we have attempted to post and detail a large band width of games with in the category and deer hunting games is no different. Hope this explanation helps and good game hunting!

#1 Cabela's Hunting Expeditions- Cabela’s pulled it off with Cabela’s Hunting Expeditions. This game mirrors the real hunting experience where the player hunter picks the hunt, the game, the gun, and locale of 15 locations in North America and Africa. The hunter player can even modify their gun. Rewards are given for accurate shooting! Check this game out and see why we rank it number one on our deer hunting list!




#2 Hunting Unlimited- is a hunting franchise of video games! Hunting Unlimited 2010 and 2013 are the most recent installments of this category of hunting games and allow the hunter player to pick out 18 species of game, hunting environments, weapons, and hunting accessories. Big bucks abound in this game and this hunting video game is a great play!
#3 Deer Hunter 4 was released in 2001 as a hunting simulation game from the Deer Hunter game family of games. Hunting trophy white tail, black tail, and mule deer in some world class locations in the Pacific Northwest, Midwest, and Canada. The newest release came out in 2013 and they are still cranking out great hunting games! Check them out!
#4 Remington super slam hunting: North America is an arcade style shooting game that moves at a fast pace. Basically, a lot of target animals running around for you to take quick aim and shoot at. You collect points for good shots and have points taken away when you shoot other non-target animal targets. Some of the dangerous animals like cougars, bears, and wolves look to take you out and if you miss and they get you; you lose health points. Multiple environments and lots of weapon selections are all options in this game with lots of shooting! Not a true hunting game from any stretch of the imagination but a fast passed shooting gallery of entertaining fun!
#5 Cabela’s Big Game Hunter: Pro Hunts- Huntinggamesforsale.com rates this game 9/10. Learn the specs on this game with in depth game descriptions, screen shots, game trailers and other game site review ratings. Your hunting guides Wade Middleton, Jim Shockey and Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo will guide your through North American hunting locations with many large game critters including trophy class Mule deer, Whitetail and Blacktail deer. 
#6 Ted Nugent Hunting adventure for PC- Ever think about going hunting with Ted? The next best thing to doing it is playing Ted Nugent hunting adventure for PC from Gonzo games. Hunt 4 different hunting environments for a bunch of critters all the while receiving expert commentary from the legendary rocker and hunting expert. This is a timeless game with much fan-fare and typically shows up on most all critics’ top 10 deer hunting games list besides our own.
#7 Cabela’s Monster Buck Hunter- This is a traditional shooting arcade game in every sense of the word. This game requires the shooting of deer targets as they jump and run and high scores to advance levels. Lots of game species to shoot at with unlimited ammo equates for a fast paced game. Sharpen you marksmanship with this game!
#8 Bass Pro: The Hunt- Bass Pro cracks our top 10 list with Bass Pro: The Hunt. Unique to this game, is state of the art hunting accessories from bass pro and the special king of the bucks- a legendary animal located in each hunting region of the game. Three different game modes and hunting environments make this game that one keeps going back to!
#9 Cabela’s North American Trophy Bucks- this hunting simulation game puts the player hunter in positions to make quick decisions when presented to challenges on the quest for the champion buck. This game brings it with 11 different deer species to hunt in famous North American habitats. Hunt now, sleep later, this is a must have trophy bucks hunting game!

#10 Deer drive- is a deer hunting arcade type game with completion for scores for the single player or multiple player completion. Moving buck deer avoid getting shot at skills to shot selections and marksmanship get the high scores. Learn more about deer drive and the follow up game Deer Drive Legends and see why these games round out our top 10 list!

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