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Home > Carnivores-Shooting Dinosaur Games | Once you go big lizard hunting you will never go back!

Carnivores-Shooting Dinosaur Games | Once you go big lizard hunting you will never go back!

Carnivores-video-game-for-sale carnivores 2-video-games-for-sale carnivores ice age-video-games-for-sale
Top 4 Dinosaur hunting games
The original dino hunting games, Carnivores, came out in 1998 and was followed in 1999 with Carnivores 2. Ice age came out in 2001, the third installment of the series. Carnivores is a first person hunting simulation game that the story premise takes place sometime in the future where there is this off world planet that is discovered that has dinosaurs roaming around on it. A DinoHunt company outfits and books off world hunting expeditions for clients that have the cash.

The player has the option to hunt different environments, choosing different weapons, and selecting the critters he wants to go after. Points are awarded to successful hunts but don’t get yourself killed in the process. If this happens, you will have to start over.


IGN rated the original game 7.3/10 (http://www.ign.com/games/carnivores/pc-10746) and Game spot rated Carnivores 2 at 7.6/10 at the time of their releases (http://www.gamespot.com/reviews/carnivores-review/1900-2538321/)


Ice age released much later did not rate as well when it came out but is definitely worth the purchase to round out your collection if you feel the need to hunt the saber tooth tiger, wooly mammoth and such. Need I say more! 


Our game rankings – 9.3 for Carnivores and Carnivores 2- 7.8 for Carnivores Ice age 

Honorable Mentions: Carnivores Cityscape, Carnivores Dinosaur hunter and Carnivore Hunter HD came out even later than the Ice Age. All by different companies from the original and did not get the fan fare as the first three. We personally do not have the games but have heard they are worth the purchase. So they all get the nod from us if you get the opportunity to pick up one of them as well. Good Dinosaur Hunting!!!


Screen Shots and Trailers

 Carnivores 1-screen-shots-dinosaur-hunting

This Ceratosaurus is ready for the check station. Anyone know how to field dress a Dinosaur? I heard they taste like chicken…(Screen shot Carnivores 1)

Carnivores 2-screen-shots-dinosaur-hunting

Hunting Tip: I am thinking that maybe one should hang your tree stand a bit higher so that the T-rex does not smell and bust you…and then reach up and eat you. Not hunting white tails here.
(Screen Shot Carnivores 2)
My .416 Rigby for Cape Bufalo maybe a bit under gunned for Triceratops! (Screen Shot Carnivores 2)
Carnivores Ice Age-screen-shots-hunting-game
Boo boo kitty. This Saber tooth is done running. (Screen shot Carnivores Ice Age)

Carnivores games for Sale

Carnivores (PC, 1998)
Carnivores (PC, 1998)
Carnivores Ice Age PC New Iceage Rare
Carnivores Ice Age PC New Iceage Rare
Carnivores PC
Carnivores PC
Carnivores (PC, 1998) Near Mint Game
Carnivores (PC, 1998) Near Mint Game
Carnivores 2 (PC, 1999)
Carnivores 2 (PC, 1999)

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