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About Us

We created this website with the hunter in mind. This is a hunting game site for hunters! For me, when I can’t hunt, I want to fish. When I can’t fish, I want to play games thinking about the next hunting or fishing trip. Prior to building this site, when I went to shop for games online, I found hunting game stuff scattered every where and you had to know where to look to find anything. I often times ended up buying stuff that was pretty lame. This was my motivation- to create this site.

All outdoorsmen know that fishing video games is not fishing and hunting video games is not hunting-but they both are great entertainment! I find nothing better in the dead of winter when it is boring as heck inside, is to have a few buddies over for a friendly hunting game competition, which always includes a lot of hunting story telling, a lot of laughs, and hunting  and competing online.


We hope you enjoy your experience on our site and you find in helpful assisting you in your search for quality hunting games and accessories. Huntinggamesforsale.com provides in-depth product descriptions, game reviews, screen shots, and video clips of top rated games. We believe your visit with us will provide you a thorough insight to the look and feel of the games before making the purchase.


We constantly are working to update and improve our site and would love to hear from you! Also, if you would like to add a hunting/fishing picture to our bragging board wall, you can email them to me, and I will do my best to putting them up ASAP! Thanks for checking us out and keep coming back to see the new content to what's new! 

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